Anne Strutz Workshop

Coming up on April 14, 2023

Anne Strutz PSA, IAPS/MC will hold a one-day “MARKS IN MOTION” workshop to follow up on her Presentation and Demo scheduled at our April 13 membership meeting.

Anne Strutz is an artist in motion, pushing boundaries by infusing movement and energy into her paintings. For Anne painting begins with what you cannot see. She poses questions to herself before starting a painting. What is drawing me to this subject? What is the story I want to tell? What am I trying to express in each painting? No single mark is precious. No fear is allowed to enter the process behind the easel. All elements of the composition must work in unity. This process is critical for infusing energy into my work and allows me to respond directly to the piece as it evolves.

Anne’s journey as an artist has been a fulfilling adventure, leading her from fashion designer in NYC, to teacher and developing art curricula for children in Philadelphia and Chicago. In 2013 Anne turned her focus to fine art and began painting exclusively with pastels. Her work has been featured in the Pastel Journal, Pratique Des Arts and Strokes of Genius and the 2022 IAPS Souvenir Book. She has written multiple articles for the Pastel Journal and Artist Magazine. Anne is the past president and workshop chair of the Piedmont Pastel Society. Anne currently serves on the on the IAPS Education Committee. In 2019 she participated in the Dueling Demonstration event at the IAPS convention. In 2022 Anne received her Master Circle status and was part of the IAPS Convention paint around event as well as demonstrated at the convention. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Charlotte NC.

Check out what Anne will present in her workshop. Download here.

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