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The Pastel Society of America is offering some wonderful demos in the upcoming months. Watch for more information soon about these demos on the PSA website

PSA 51st Annual Exhibition EventsPSA 51st AnnualDemonstration ScheduleFree & Open to All!September 10, 3pm ETPre-Recorded Demo, YouTubeHeatwaveMichele Ashby PSA-MPMichele Ashby BioDuring my demonstration I am going to show how to turn up the heat in a pastel painting using textured brightly colored paper and pastel pencils. I want to utilize the color of the paper to maximum effect as an integral part of the finished work. I will be working from my own photo reference. September 17, 3pm ETLive demo via Zoom,Freehand Pastel PaintingJ.Z. Xu PSA-MPJ.Z.Xu BioJ.Z. Xu will demonstrate his method of freehand pastel painting live via Zoom. There will be time for him to answer all your questions when he completes his painting.
The freehand painting concept in Chinese painting goes back a thousand years. It implies an artist is using his many years of observations and knowledge to execute a painting in his most free ways. It does not copy the motif in exact details, instead borrows the motif to express emotion. The key words are: 1) abundant observations and knowledge; 2) borrow motif; and 3) free expression of emotion.September 24, 3pm ETPre-Recorded Demo – YouTubeJR’s Garden Steph Mouw, PSA-MPSteph Mouw BioAs my point of departure I’ll use fresh picked flowers from the garden of my dear friends, the J.R.s. It’s important that I have an emotional attachment to the source of my florals. This begins my spiritual, or heart connection with my subject. I will set my flowers in a clear glass vase in a low lit area which I will illuminate to create drama, interesting shadow shapes and exciting highlights. I’ll play off the contrast of the organic with the industrial: the colors and textures of nature set against and within the shiny, polished reflective vessel of glass – all of these elements emerging from and supported by my shadow. October 8, 3pm ETPre-Recorded Presentation – YouTubeA Visit with Jimmy WrightJimmy Wright PSA-MP, HFHJoin a virtual visit with Jimmy Wright PSA-MP and 2023 HFH, in his Manhattan studio and home, a 133 year-old stable located on Freeman Alley, the Bowery, where he has lived and worked for the past forty-three years.Jimmy Wright BioScene from Jimmy’s Recent Exhibition at DC Moore GalleryOctober 15, 3pm ETPre-Recorded Presentation – YouTube,The Language of PastelEllen Eagle PSA-MPEllen Eagle BioJean Marc Nattier, French, 1685-1766The rich history of pastel dates back to the 15th century. Interest in our medium exploded in the 18th century when the French middle class clamored to have their portraits painted in pastel, its colors perfectly modulated to simulate silken flesh tones. We will look at centuries of pastel paintings, illuminating how the convergence of science and art freed pastelists to personalize their works in ways previously unavailable. The presentation will include work of early pastel society members that led to the formation of the Pastel Society of America.Vase of Flowers – Odilon Redon, 1840-1916 ‌  ‌
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