Award winners – 2023 2nd National Open Juried Exhibition

Our 2023 Philadelphia Pastel Society National Exhibition was juried by Diane Rappisi PSA, IAPS/MC
Diane offered the following comments about each piece that she selected for an award.

Arete Award of Excellence:

Madeleine Kelly, “Fire Road Revisited”
This painting has it all – color, composition, structure, edge work and soul. I feel like I’m standing right in landscape. Keen perception of color, especially in the snow.

First Place Award:

Wendy McClatchy, “Translucent Rise”
An outstanding use of value and temperature within a limited palette, that succeeds in portraying both structure and translucency.

Second Place Award:

Anne Whalon, “Hey!”
Beautiful color choices to describe the effect of light falling over the subjects. I like the playfulness in the colors and the interplay of abstract shapes within the composition.

Third Place Award:

Barbara Berry, “A Pearl in Satin”
This pop of red demands attention, and the figure is solid and well done. The artist successfully balances the delicate flesh tones against the bold scarlet, while the neutral background nicely frames the figure.

Honorable Mention Award:

Laurie Higgins, “Chelsea Morning”
Soft, warm colors set the mood for this serene moment. Subtle color shifts beautifully describe the light falling over the forms.

Honorable Mention Award:

Catherine Grygiel, “Meandering Stream”
Simple masses, powerful colors and sensitive edge work – bold and confident.

Honorable Mention Award:

Jeri Greenberg, “Sweethearts”
Interesting composition and a delightful limited palette challenge. I especially like the interspersed green leaves and turquoise highlights.

Award for Pastel Excellence in Memory of Marge Levine :

Felice Simon, “Solstice”
This is a colorful little gem of a painting. Vibrant, imaginative and confident.

George Torphy Memorial Award:

Kimberly Stone, “Rail Trail”
The dappled sunlight in this painting is a great use of warm and cool color temperatures. Strong value structure and nice composition.

PWCS Award:

Allison Krajcik, “Chorus in Pink”
Delicate and refined. The artist’s treatment of the subject matter suits the elegance of the tulips.

Pan Pastel Materials Award:

Mary Ellen Goetz, “Downward South Bristol”
The simplicity of this painting allows the playful color to shine, evoking memories of a sunny seaside town. I like the vertical accent created by the pole and the road stripe in the composition.

Wayne Art Center Award:

Anthony Hedrick, “Joseph Zellers”
The character in this portrait immediately shines through. I especially like the tufts of hair around the ear and the stretched skin where the thumb is pulling. These and other details sit well on a solidly built form.

PSA Award:

Julia Doemland, “Sunlit Path”
This is a gentle, poetic interpretation of a sunlit path. Nice handling of edges and color shifts.

Rita Morrin Memorial Award:

Joanne Turner, “Feel the Beat”
Great sense of movement in this painting, and the artist gives us a good feeling of depth.The texture on the back wall gives additional excitement to the painting.

Constance J. McClatchy Memorial Award of Excellence for Use of Color:

Denise Vitollo, “Koi Harmony”
The subjects of this painting appear to shimmer and glow in relation to their surroundings. The wave patterns and reflections are a masterful interplay of colors.

Pastel Society of Tampa Bay Award:

Carol Kardon, “Stillness”
The exciting mark making and textures in this painting give it an ethereal quality. Interesting use of edges and contrasts lead the eye through the composition.

Maryland Pastel Society Award:

Barbara Backman, “Lily”
This artist has beautifully captured the form and substance of a daylily. The petals feel delicate yet solid, and the subtle color transitions are well done.

Central Massachusetts Pastel Society (CMPS) Award:

Judith Cook, “Slow Game”
Strong, flat shapes and  thoughtful color relationships create a painting that doesn’t need a lot of detail. Its simple, elegant composition and a nice sense of light say it all.

Blick Art Materials Award:

Sherry Ward, “Fruit Salad”
Strong, flat shapes and  thoughtful color relationships create a painting that doesn’t need a lot of detail. Its simple, elegant composition and a nice sense of light say it all.

Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award:

Barbara Delmonico, “Child of Mine”
This painting beautifully captures a special moment between mother and child. The dreamy atmosphere, with soft, crayola colors and patterns, work well to capture the childlike feeling of the moment