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Pastel Opportunities

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IAPS Globe – Winter 2021

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Our Plein Air End-of-Season Gathering

PPS members enjoyed an active warm season schedule of plain air painting days this year. While we /cancelled indoor activities to avoid the danger of virus transmission, outdoor painting, with all the necessary precautions in place, were a great success!
We decided to celebrate a productive season with an end-of-season gathering at East Goshen Park in West Chester, PA. We brought some of our paintings to share and welcomed friends and a variety of park visitors to enjoy our show. There were boxed lunches, snacks and drinks and musical entertainment to enjoy. Kathy Apfelbaum, Marie Harris, and Deborah Reeder provided our musical talent.

All of those who attended were invited to vote for People’s Choice Awards after surveying our plein air paintings. Check here for information about winners.

Check our News Page for more photos.

We are working on plans for possible plein air painting days throughout the fall and winter. Stay tuned.