Award Winners 2024 Members Show

PPS Award of Excellence

Lunch Is Ready by Carol Kardon
Love the color harmonies. Not a whole lot of detail, but you know exactly what you are looking at.  This is such a pleasing piece!  Have to admit, I am kind of crazy about it!  Anyone looking at this beautiful painting will feel happy.  Breaks all kinds of rules, in the best possible ways.  So Painterly! 

First Place Award

On the Hudson by Jacqueline Myerson
Wow! Talk about challenging yourself!  Had to give this piece high marks for complexity. Highly accurate rendering, but does not rely solely on well executed realism.  The composition is really interesting.  The folds, bungees, hardware, etc. all lead the eye to a location of interest.  Incredibly well executed piece!

Second Place Award

In Full Bloom by Stephanie Jean Brown
The composition of this painting is incredibly pleasing. The complementary color choices in the flowers create a sparkling effect that excites my eye and leads me right up to the tree and structure.  The sky holes in the tree are really well done and random.  Very hard to get right!  And, not that “pretty” matters, but it is a VERY pretty work!

Third Place Award

Violet by Teresa DeSeve
This is a very quiet piece, but emotionally powerful.  Economy of color, but where it is used, it makes a statement.  Lots of loose, bold marks.  Good feature structure and definition, age appropriate for a child.  This is not easy to do, so I can tell the artist has a strong, working knowledge of feature proportion.

Ampersand Art Supply Award

Sugartown Blooming by Mary Rinderle Smith
Love the feeling and composition. Particularly in the foreground, where the design and marks are very dynamic.  In contrast the sky, and the light and shadows in the structures, are very simply stated. Really appreciate that it doesn’t compete with what is going on up front.  Just a lovely painting!

Blick Art Materials Award

Maine Revisited by Madeleine Kelly
Strong feeling of being right there.  I didn’t need to see the title to know exactly the location.  The deep cool shadows and the warm light are so peaceful.  Reminds me of my happiest time of summer when I go to Maine with my artist friends.

Blick Art Materials Award

Rememberance by Kimberly L. Stone
From a distance the value definition is clear and patterns are really pleasing.   Up close you see the marks.  I am a huge fan of the directional mark making.  Really well done!

Dakota Pastel Award

It’s Gonna Be a Bright, Sunshiny Day by Marie Grace Gizzi
Reminiscent of Edward Hopper.  Great feeling to the piece.  Simple background in a complementary color, highlights the figure, and it is a really well drawn figure.  Nicely done!

Dakota Pastel Award

Wendy McClatchy, “Translucent Rise”
An outstanding use of value and temperature within a limited palette, that succeeds in portraying both structure and translucency.

Nesting by Jeanne Gunther
This painting tells a story.  I want to read a book written around this image. I love the active mark making in the bird and nest, juxtaposed to the softer treatment of the leaves and sky.   Normally I would think the outlining of the bird would be too harsh, it REALLY works in this piece.  Great illustrative quality that I loved right off.

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