Award Winners 2023 Members Show

Our 2023 Members Exhibition was juried by Susan M. Story PSA-MP, IAPS/MC

Susan offered these comments about jurying in general and also about our winners specifically.

I take juroring a show very seriously, having been on both sides of the decision. I prefer judging blindly to be as unbiased as possible. Every judge has their own criteria for selecting awards, and therefore it is subjective.
My criteria is for good art, not good painting. Painting is a skill whereas art is the ability to create a personal statement. For me there are some rules that go with this: originality, ability to draw, a strong composition, and mastery of the medium.
It was a challenge to narrow the awards down to three. Congratulations to you all for sharing your work with the world. It brings joy and comfort to us. Thank you for the honor of being your awards judge in 2023! Paint on, everyone!!

BEST IN SHOW:  Teresa DeSeve, “Her Day’s End”

I loved the looseness contrasted by the play of detail where needed to help guide the eye through the figure. The artist gives us the right balance between detail and varying edges to keep our interest. This contemporary figure painting is original, demonstrates the ability to draw, has a strong composition, and it is a personal statement of style.

2nd PLACE:  Paulette Staley, “17 Mile Drive”

This high-key landscape makes me squint my eyes to protect them from the sun. The landscape displays a lot of skill using bold, clean, strokes, and subtle temperature and color changes to describe the textures and light. The vehicle and figure are placed well, leading the eye through the piece. The scale is spot on with just enough information that the details are not distracting.

3rd PLACE:  Patricia Quigley, “Blue Window”

The more I look at this piece, the more I see: the cool light coming through the window hitting the objects on the window sill, the warm line of light on the bottom of the shade, and then I noticed the flowers outside the window. My eyes go around and around, finding more details with each pass.

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