Pastel Innovations

Dawn Emerson 3 Day  “Pastel Innovations” workshopREGISTER HERE

with Stick/PanPastel/mixed media

This fun and fast paced workshop will focus on exciting ways of incorporating mixed media with stick and PanPastels. Using stencils, additive and subtractive monotypes, trace monotypes, drawing with a brayer, and “carving drawings” will be covered. Process, story telling, and discovery (rather than product and technique) will be emphasized, offering the opportunity to explore and share new possibilities for your work.


Demo Create PanPastel Color Wheel: use 3 primary PanPastel colors/applicator to create 12 section color wheel with tints, tones, shades, values, neutrals

Participants work at easel

Demo color harmonies: monochromatic, complementary, triadic, and analogous color harmonies with PanPastel

Participants work at easel

Demo “Shape Drawing:” show using large slice angle applicator with PanPastel to create a monochromatic “shape drawing” image and a second complementary “shape drawing”

Participants work at easel

Demo Analogous color harmony: show full color development of shape drawing image

Participants work at easel (reference image to be provided)

Demo “Stencil StoryTelling:” make and use stencils, erasers, and other tools with PanPastel & Stick pastels to create layered multi stencil image

Stencil Story assignment

Participants to submit images of work in process to email:


Presentation: google slides presentation of previous days work

Demo Trace Monotype/Pastel:

use black water mixable oil paint on paper, PanPastel & stick pastel

Participants work at easel

Demo Brayer Drawing and offsetting with the brayer:

use the brayer with water mixable oil to create intriguing underpaintings for pastel.

Participants work at the easel


Demo dark field (subtractive) monotype with water mixable oil as underpainting:

explain what the monotype is, and how it helps to improve drawing and composition

Participants work at the easel

Demo adding color to the monotype with pastel:

choosing between transparency of PanPastel and opacity of stick pastel

Participants work at the easel

Participants send images to Dawn for slide presentation


Presentation: google slides presentation of previous day’s work

Demo Subtractive Mark Making: use PanPastel/stick pastel over white water mixable oil/color paper

Participants work at easel

Demo “Breaking New Ground” technique: show this subtractive and additive approach to layering dry pigment ground over black water mixable oil

Participants work at easel


Participants continue to work on their own with help at the easel till 2:30

Final sharing and group critique